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Léa Seydoux - Prada Candy Florale Perfume - 2014

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David Levithan, Every Day

Best of Cameron & Mitchell 

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an unending list of my favorite films + Atonement (2007)

It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding; above all, it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you.”

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I create myself

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An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

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Was anyone else a little bit disappointed that the kick ass Lady Counsel Member turned out to be Natasha? Still love Natasha, but for a few glorious seconds, it was awesome to see an older woman come out of nowhere to kick ass. 

Oh hell yes.  For one glorious moment this movie was going to be the utter best thing ever made.  And then…. well it was still cool but such a disappointment we didn’t get unexpected kick ass over 40 woman. 

Did we ever even find out what happened to the counsel member?

#the directors confirmed that she’s alive and well #but YES #I FELT THE SAME WAY (thescentofwhiteroses)

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"Is he cute…or does he just have a beard?"
— These are questions we need to start asking ourselves (via jeniphyer)

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A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.



I saw him this morning and he just panic moonwalked away from me…He does that sometimes